I always wanted to be a mother.

As a girl, I was the one who wanted marriage with a half dozen kids. Meanwhile, my older sister said all she wanted was to be a veterinarian.

She spent her entire 20s with her now husband, and then their 30s raising their two children, whereas I spent most of my young adult life single and not always loving it. Although I am grateful to have a 4-year old son today, I also experience a sense of loss when I see mothers with their multiple children.

I am happy for these others, of course, as well I recognize that there is still plenty of time for
me to have that large family – just not necessarily biologically. And this is what my maternal body mourns.

Still, I get to do this thing that I have always wanted to do AND I am doing it on my terms.

In my 20s, I chose to travel the world and witness how people child-rear in other countries and cultures. My experiences abroad greatly affected how I wanted to parent.

From what we call ‘attachment parenting’ today (which is simply a natural way of child-rearing – where there ain’t no rules on how one can wear their baby, just fyi!) to living in a village, I also wanted to raise my child to understand dance as a universal language.

And, hallelujah, it has been taking place… our son has started to dance while at Dance Church. He doesn’t dance with me, though. Instead, he moves through the space, weaving around the sweating, gyrating forms of others as he skips, claps his hands and bobs his head. At the same time, he gets to witness me – in real time – passionately committing myself to the moment, to the beat, to the song, to the sweet surrender of partnership and to the power of all as One.

Burt & I are raising our son to experience HUMAN CONNECTION filled with vulnerability, sensuality, intimacy, touch, expression, and more, as NORMAL.

And, for this, I am both ecstatic and grateful.

You can do it,too.
Just ask me how.