After my first miscarriage, I intuitively guided my partner and I,
along with our 2-year old, in our own private ceremony of Release.

We gathered a green, Maple leaf from a tree in the backyard,
as well as a few feathers & some dried rose leaves from around the house.

We placed them together in our palm, and grieved for our loss as a family.

Burton dug the hole in the ground and remembered to grab his camera.
I offered the Sacred Bundle back to the Earth, our son at my side.
Together, we covered the hole with fresh soil.

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to Dust.

(We all fall down.)

Back then, I shared our pregnancy loss journey in images and words in an FB photo album.

This time,
I knew my Sisters were called for.

Jenn was first to speak it out loud.
Then, Gina dreamt it.
Together, we co-created it.

Almost a week after our bloody ordeal, I summoned their presences.

They arrived
in white
prepared to offer
another fresh hole in the ground
rose petal leaves and a peacock feather
and their tears of sorrow for our collective loss.

Again, I poured Sacred Sacrament – this time floating in a small Mason jar – into the Earth.
And I wept.

They knelt beside me; honoring Death it’s rightful due.

Welcome, to our “Garden of Loss.”

All are welcome here.
We have fish to the right and the left,
as well as a sweet field mouse that ran across our path while fleeing its fast approaching demise.

Minutes after catching the tiny animal in my hand,
I laid it down for its final rest on a living room pillow.

It took its last breaths with us.

This gentle creature, a gift ~ a reminder of how essential the fine, minute details in life are.

I have long been the girl who gathered loved ones in the yard for a “final farewell,”
to Cool dog “Cool” and our golden cat, “Carat.”

Now, I am a Medicine Woman who gathers Women 
(and their children)
in a Red Tent
for acute, hands-on healing as well intentional ceremony.

It’s just, sometimes, I have to model the way.