Cara H. Cadwallader, MFA is a master of embodiment. Cara has spent over 35 years exploring, studying, investigating and performing movement. For over a decade, Cara taught Contact Dance Improvisation and other post-modern dance forms to people of all ages across San Diego County. She was a core member – sometimes producer, and sometimes volunteer – of authentic-based dance spaces, like San Diego DanceJam!, Ecstatic Dance San Diego and Dance Church Encinitas. Cara is a creator of joy-filled, diverse and warm spaces, having co-founded the Prosperity Hive, a community gathering space and dance studio for organic connection in downtown San Diego. With the birth of her only child, Cara shifted her educator lens towards women’s health and well-being as well as in co-creating a village space for families to gather.
Having survived miscarriage, her partner’s 4th stage cancer diagnosis and subsequent death, Cara’s newest offering the Emotional Fitness Dojo is the final lovechild between her and her late partner, Burt Lo. Embodying her emotions and feelings so that she can better understand how to care for herself and be more present and available to her young son is how Cara has coped with her grief and loss as well as in finding herself as a lone Mother in this brave new world of Covid, calamity, and chaos. Cara also dances with the pen on the page, and is currently writing her story of road-schooling her son over 12,000 miles of the contiguous USA in order to prioritize her and her son’s mental health during the pandemic. Bee notified when Cara’s book, The Mama Caravan: A Cross Country Adventure of Life After Los , is released (later in 2022).
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