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2018 ~ Fu$k Yeah!

It’s a common refrain that 2017 sucked. The darkness that we have been stuck within for way too long now has finally come into the light. It’s an ugly and dangerous time. And, yet, it always has been. It’s just that, especially with the advent of our social media, we are now seeing it fully. […]

Closing Out an Autumn’s Day & Inviting in Old Man Winter

At the “Christmas in the Park” event in Old Poway Park last Saturday, a warm breeze blew the wind through the trees, serenading the carolers with its own rhythm and melody as they sang to us the common jingles of holiday cheer. A Papa said to me that it was a strange evening – weather […]

I Neglected My Garden – Life Post-Miscarriage, Loss #2

I stopped tending to my garden in July. We’ve kept a 10’x10′ garden plot at our local community garden, since it opened two years ago. After working with the soil and the plants for a good, 18 months or so, our garden finally experienced its first bloom. Our artichoke plant, the one we bought as […]

“My Garden of Loss”

  Death, like old age,  hidden from us. Tucked away, out of view.                                                                                     […]