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A Ritual of ‘Release And Renewal’ for Pregnancy Loss

After my first miscarriage, I intuitively guided my partner and I, along with our 2-year old, in our own private ceremony of Release. We gathered a green, Maple leaf from a tree in the backyard, as well as a few feathers & some dried rose leaves from around the house. We placed them together in […]

Moving through Miscarriage

TRIGGER WARNING: This post is about PREGNANCY LOSS At 11-weeks pregnant, I started spotting. It was Halloween too, and I had just announced to the whole world – via Facebook – that we were pregnant with our second child! Yayyyy!!!! We were at a family event celebrating Samhain, where numerous community members congratulated me on […]

Parenting as Spiritual Practice

At forty-one years of age, and after having experienced a miscarriage last year, I am now eleven-weeks pregnant with my second child. Why, you may wonder, during this seemingly dark time – filled with eclipses of the sun and the moon, natural disasters such as catastrophic hurricanes and firestorms, as well mass shootings and other […]

Mama, Get the Help You Need! You Deserve It.

Feel Cherished, Mama!: Enroll the Support You Need. Day 5, and our final day, for addressing this week’s topic of Enrolling the Support You Need so that You Can Feel Cherished!!! Ask for this week’s FREE handout by emailing info@coachingwithcara.com And, don’t forget to add yourself to our new FB group – Mama: Voices for […]

Feel Cherished, Mama: Enroll the Support You Need, FB Live Series #1, Video 1

Coaching with Cara is officially launched!

I am Owning my Voice by offering eight weeks of a weekly, FB Live Series.
“Why 8 weeks?” you ask. Great question.

I am establishing a new pattern in my body by repeating the same action for a 40+ day time period.

In owning my voice, I am asserting that what I have to say – and share  -is valuable.
In so doing, I am honoring
my worth and, thus, re-writing any underlying, unconscious belief systems of “I am not enough.”

I am worthy. I am showing up.
I am using my Voice as a catalyst for transformation –
for myself, for us and for our planet. 

This is just the beginning.