Raising Kings of Light

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As a lone Mother to a six-year old boy, I am now doing my best to raise a new generation of huMan.

Someone who has equilibrium flowing between his Masculine and Feminine essences. What I mean is that he is able to gracefully transition from being in his mind and with his mental energy to being in his heart and body and with his desires for love, authentic power and expression to be seen, heard and witnessed. I am raising my son to listen to and lead with his heart as he also allows the discerning wisdom of his 3rd eye to guide his path. A boy who is connected to his root, and isn’t afraid of his sexuality. Who allows his voice to passionately convey, in as many moments as possible, what he needs to express. And who is connected to Spirit and the Cosmos as well as to the messy dirtiness of what it means to be huMan on planet Earth. A strong spirit tempered with a gentle soul. A boy who is learning how to Love his Mama (and thus all other women in his life from here on out) by honoring her boundaries and asking for consent before he touches her butt or her boobs, or in other playful or more rough ways.

A boy who is being taught to clean up after himself, and to contribute to the whole of our life together – even at six years old. A man in the making who knows how to bathe with Woman, how to soap her body up and rub her body down. Who respects her “No!” and is able to simultaneously flow with the chaos of emotions and feelings. As well, I am raising Cee to be a young person who won’t take shit from others. Who has deep compassion and empathy, but for himself, first and foremost. Relentless bullies will bee put in their place. Misogyny and injustice will be called out.

I know I am not alone in this pursuit. I am so grateful to all of my sisters who are on this journey with me. And, I feel really sad about the large amount of Mamas who have come before and how they allowed their boys to behave in entitled, spoilt, violent, and cruel ways.

I understand though, for they too were simply cogs caught in the wheel of prevailing cultural norms on planet Earth.

That day is over. A new world has begun. Dear Shadow Kings, (You know who you are.) Please come to the LIGHT. You are needed, and wanted, here.

xoxox, Cara

P.S. I am so grateful Cee had his Dad for as long as he did ~ 5.25 years. Burt personified most of this.

P.S.S. Recently, in chatting with my hypnotherapist about how I “needed” to have sex, he said, “Cara, you are like me. You want all or nothing.”

And… it’s true. Except, he’s a dude living in a Man’s world.

For him, there are millions of amazing women like Me. Seriously. Gorgeous, embodied, Soul-full woMen. I am blessed to call them ‘Sister.’ And, ‘Friend.’

Woman’s overt oppression has forced US into the underground where we have had to reclaim our whole bee-ing.


Not so much.

Maybe there are thousands of men who could meet me.

(If I am lucky.)

And I can’t settle because all it does is to create anger, and rage.

So, my odds are fucked.

Thus, I write.

(I hope this reaches you….)