Our evolution is no longer found in our isolation: we need more meaningful meeting places

Our collective evolution is no longer to be found in our isolation, rather

we need more meaningful meeting places.

In our personal stories,

cities & towns can be primary characters,

and the places where our coming of age tales and other rites of passage take place.

However, these days, it can be commonplace to become emotionally lost amongst the millions of city dwellers. Small American towns have become besieged by a profits over people mentality. And the average person is too busily exhausted by the pursuit of acquiring rent.

Today, what is required is an intimate space within – like a backroom in a restaurant, a meeting hall in a church, or a wood floor dance & yoga studio – where many people can show up and meet with each other, over and over again.

Once upon a time, we needed to escape our clan in order to be alone with our thoughts. Once upon a time, most moments of our lives were lived amongst our tribe where there were clearly delineated roles for men and women, for elders, parents and children. Back then, our spiritual evolution could be found in our seclusion and singular dedication to the mystic realms. Yes, sainthood and wisdom was once found in a cave.

The industrial revolution, however, made it easier for individuals to live alone, separated from the village that once was the heartbeat of trade and commerce. On the heels of this revolution, capitalism was born. It is an economic system that thrives on the breakdown of community.

Today, we celebrate less polarizing social dynamics. Meanwhile, we also feel lonely and afraid as we have come to know isolation intimately. Our individual bedrooms have all become caves. And our human evolution is no longer to be found through the quiet prostrations of a singular being deep in the trenches of personal transformation.

Today, with our polar ice caps melting, global insect numbers plummeting and our national suicide rates climbing, it is imperative that we wade through the messiness of our bumbling interactions and unclear communication. For the future of humanity and the sake of our collective evolution, we must dive in to real-time human connection – even though we are terrible at it.

Our ultimate growth point is in committing to a collective container where we show up, confront our human frailty and keep moving towards a harmonious and just future. Your children’s and their children’s lives depend on it.

Personally, I have never said I was good at leading people in these spaces. Rather, what I have demonstrated, is my belief in what these spaces offer by creating them, over and over again. We don’t have the time to wait for perfection. Urgency is upon us, now.