Even if your mom was amazing,

we all have a mother wound.

It is a global phenomenon that we all experience.

The best example of our global mother wound is seen in our human relationship with planet earth.

We call this planet our ‘Mother,’ yet we are wreaking havoc across the face of it,
due to our destructive habits related to making (more) money, developing (more) wealth, acquiring (more) possessions, and maintaining image.

We are literally pumping out high levels of toxic chemicals, like plastics, pesticides, & petroleums, that are:
clogging up our “Mother’s” waterways; warming her atmosphere; drying out her soil and seas;
and melting the ice caps and glaciers upon her.

We are tearing up wide swaths of what once was pristine habitat in order to grow and then clear cut things, like Palm Trees for oil.
We are deforesting our planet. And we are rendering the other creatures that live in these wild spaces extinct.

And we have arrived here, into this present moment, after thousands and thousands of years of forcing people to adhere to our ways
by raping and pillaging them and their lands and by taking women and children and whatever else we wanted.
On this destructive path (called ‘colonialism’), we have witnessed the near decimation of native and indigenous peoples,
the enslavement of black people and other minorities, and the oppression and near silence of women and other highly vulnerable people.

All along the way, the same cultural story was continually reinforced –
that this is what God has decreed and that man, as made in the image of God,
is superior to woman (and all vulnerable people, creatures & other things).

With Judeo-Christian (& Islamic) beliefs held firmly in place behind the Roman sword ( & then the gallows, the stake and the noose),
the tale of Adam and Eve, and woman’s fall from grace,
spread like wildfire.

From the ashes of all of this violence and destruction,
the religious, political & financial systems that are in place on our planet today arose.

For some reason,
man rendered vulnerability a weakness.

He sought control of nature through his mind.

As in mind over matter
(or mater, as in the original substance that we come from – mother, Earth, matter, soil, etc.).

Mater is the Latin word for nourishing or bountiful mother.

And women, with our needs for help and assistance when we are pregnant or nursing a new child,
can be defenseless and susceptible to the brutality of life on planet earth.

We need help, just as all innocent beings do.
Our neediness renders us vulnerable.
Our vulnerability makes us “weak.”

So, historically then, misogyny is a hatred rooted in
all that is associated with the “weakness” of the Feminine.

(Especially, since – as the story goes – it was Her being unable to say “No” to the snake’s invitation of earthly delights and, instead, it was Her taking a bite of the sensual apple that caused the fall of Man from a Godly Paradise to this Earthly Hell).

These so-called “weak” things are (but are not limited to):
death, loss, blood, chaos, emotions, drama, feelings, children,
expression, touch, sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, innocence,
surrender & more, and including the Earth.

Thus, your mother could be the most unconditionally loving woman on the planet, and you would still experience the effects of our global mother wound.

The effects and by-products of this wound can look like
(but are not limited to):
~ a lack of understanding as well as the inability to clearly define our own boundaries;
~ prioritizing others’ needs over our own, especially the needs of our children and our men;
~ an addiction to substances, shopping, media, etc.;
~ mental health dis-ease, like depression and anxiety, & repressed emotion;
~ anger & RAGE (rage can be turned inward into eating disorders, cutting, etc.);
~ a high tolerance for dysfunctional and unhealthy behaviors;
~ a high tolerance for – & even a pleasure of – pain;
~ emotional, physical & sexual abuse;
~ a lack of empathy, and compassion;
~ gaslighting, which is making someone believe that their experiences are unreal, or that they are crazy & irrational;
~ jealousy and cattiness between women/sisters;
~ the objectification, & thus subjugation, of any form (man, woman or animal);



We can do it!!!!!

Ask me how.

Yes, of course our planet also experiences a GLOBAL FATHER WOUND.
(I will write more on that soon.)

In sum, the crux of OUR GLOBAL MOTHER WOUND is, I believe,
man’s desire to control nature.

We do this by exploiting humanity’s greatest desire & need.
(Which is….)

As humans, our deepest desire and need is for CONNECTION.

We come into form on planet Earth through a woman’s womb and then
we suckle at her breasts for years before we are ready to become fully separate of her.
This separation is a natural, and necessary act.
Yet, it has been bastardized, stolen and turned into something to fear and experience pain through.

Our Mother Wound is rooted in our collective fear of separation.