IRL Human



we’ve forgotten how to connect.

We reach for a computer screen when what we really need is a hug.

We go out shopping when what we really want
is quality time spent with others.

And we feel lonely, and afraid –
fearful that this is the way
it will always be.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can connect deeply
with others & our community,
as well as with ourselves
and our planet.

Cara H. Cadwallader fosters greater connection & meaningful interactions

for people of all ages.

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as necessary as breath.

Coaching with Cara is officially launched!

I am Owning my Voice by offering eight weeks of a weekly, FB Live Series.
“Why 8 weeks?” you ask. Great question.

I am establishing a new pattern in my body by repeating the same action for a 40+ day time period.

In owning my voice, I am asserting that what I have to say – and share  -is valuable.

In so doing, I am honoring
my worth and, thus, re-writing any underlying, unconscious belief systems of “I am not enough.”

I am worthy. I am showing up.
I am using my Voice as a catalyst for transformation –
for myself, for us and for our planet. 

This is just the beginning.

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