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Debbie Del Debbio

Cara’s therapeutic dance group is a safe haven to feel, and integrate my thoughts and feelings with authentic physical expression.
With her I feel accepted, and welcome in my uniqueness as she brings grounded and attentive energy to the group.
She is gifted in her ability to hold space, notice, and invite deepening of the connection between feelings, mind and body. I am inspired to pay more attention to the body element of my feelings, in order to fully express myself authentically and naturally. The effects of Cara’s guidance are lasting!
Thank you, Cara!

Carol Baum

I was struggling to pen an autobiographical tale that I feel compelled to share with the world, when I met Cara in Ecuador where she proposed an intelligent proposal and timeline for completing my work.
Since Cara regards our bodies and their movement as vital vehicles for storytelling, her embodiment and expression exercises help me to get out of my own way as well as cull more material for my work. A wise guide, Cara helps me dive below my life long habits of self judgement and negative thinking in order to regularly identify and reinforce what my heart really wants.
Now, I am reclaiming my power in determining the course of my life – even at 70 years of age!

Tanya Lynn, Sistership Circle Creator

Cara is the biggest stand that I know of out there, for women – and mothers, in particular – to claim their voices in identifying and asking for what they need.
She is one of the best empowerment (and transformation) mentors because she is living and breathing this work.
I see her asking for what she needs, speaking up for herself and being a woman of integrity – by speaking her truth, even when it is uncomfortable. She is doing this work herself, and then leading other women in how to do it for themselves.
I highly recommend Cara because she will get underneath you. Your’re going to feel heard and seen and you’re going to feel like, “I can do this!” because this woman is standing for you.

Fiona Markowitz

Cara and I became fast friends through our San Diego dance community in 2008. Back then, I hired her to serve as an event artist for my entertainment company at corporate events in San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Francisco. She also served as an event manager and social media writer. Most importantly, she helped to successfully launch my retreat and wedding center by coordinating our first major event.
Since then, I witnessed Cara blossom into a juicy partnership and loving motherhood. I stood by Cara’s side and was amazed by her tenacity and perseverance during her husband’s 18-month cancer journey. Cara’s courage to face adversity and to keep moving forward inspire and awe me. Today, and during this confounding time of the Corona virus, Cara has once again been working to help pivot my business towards an online platform. What a blessing it will be for you to receive Cara’s wisdom and guidance!

Zia Parker

I just couldn’t get to my writing project until I sought the support of Cara Cadwallader. Everything else jumped to the top of the priority list, for months! A magazine publisher was interested in an article – what an opportunity! – but overwhelm kept stealing the day.
After calling on Cara for help, the project unfolded seamlessly, and punctually. Cara gave me great feedback. She gave me just the right nudge when needed. She is very flexible, offering full ghost writing if desired, or co-writing, and coaching. She is a delight to work with, and I highly recommend her!

About Cara

I know life…

Only 44 years of age, and I live, fully, to my heart’s content.

Creating spaces, like the Prosperity Hive in San Diego’s East Village, where people came together to dance, sing and celebrate moments. As well as, Mama’s (& Papa’s) Cooperative Encinitas, home of the Little Sprouts Learning Garden, where families would regularly gather to meet their needs for in-person connection as well as meaningful conversations.

As an event producer, I am known to foster experiences that promote diversity, warmth and joy.

A published author, my work can be found in places like Resilience Magazine, Esperanza Journal, Wild Woman Rising, Elephant Journal, medium.com, Vision and Radiance Magazines and more.

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