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Thank you for winding your way to my website.

I’m Cara, and I have always loved being in my body.

Born in Canada, but raised in southern California, I was a dancer, singer and a writer all through the 80s and 90s as the expressive arts have long been a healing balm for me, and a way that I connect to something greater than what can be the misery of this human experience. There is a lot of pain here on planet Earth to be felt. (Perhaps you feel it too?) My early pain was situated within being raised under the care of the two adults whom, I believe, my Soul chose in order to help me evolve. (What a fascinating idea that is… adversity as a means of evolution.) They are just two flawed humans who, to this day, continue to reside within their pain bodies. Growing up this looked like alcoholism, emotional neglect, physical and emotional abuse, mental health disease, cycles of rage, codependency, and more. Thus, I have long been a master at transmuting pain into passion, pleasure, purpose and more. However, I also spent all of my 20s and half of my 30s deeply fearful of intimacy. I was mainly choosing a solitary life until I realized that I was emotionally stunted and that being in relationship could actually help me to unravel more about – as well as become more of – myself. This is when I began to partner with others who weren’t capable of being very intimate as well. (Imagine that!?) The 21st century saw me broadening my horizons by becoming a world traveling educator. These walking feet of mine have touched down in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Australia, France, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra, across the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador & many other places.

I refer to myself as a dance philosopher because Life is a dance floor and we are all dancers here.

I have spent years performing on stages and in other arenas. However, my life has shown me that what my heart most wants is to be able to apply the grace, ease, giving and taking of weight, etc that I have cultivated on dance floors to my real time relationships.

The 2010s saw me running a dance and community center in downtown San Diego as well as championing local, organic food and farms. In 2011, my life partner joined our Encinitas Dance Community and, quickly, he and I developed a sweet friendship. Over the next eighteen months, we deepened our emotional intimacy. By the end of 2013, we were lovers and had conceived a son together. At 37, I became an older mother and turned my educator’s gaze towards women’s health and well-being. I created various programs to assist other women with their First 40 Days postpartum experiences. As well, my partner and I co-created a cooperative of Mama’s & Papa’s out of our suburban, north San Diego home located near the beach.

Life was good. Until miscarriages and cancer struck. After my partner received remission from an aggressive upper head and neck cancer, we downsized our anxiety-producing, southern California lifestyle and headed south of the border. Our intention was to worldschool our young son and heal from an arduous journey. Fate had us landing in southern Ecuador where a new community embraced us as their own and I found myself living life in a way that I have always dreamed. Unfortunately, it is also the place where the love of my life took his last breath due to a recurrence of cancer.

For six years, however, I got to be at the side of a vividly present and deeply compassionate Man. He was unconditionally loving and extremely empathetic. He showed me how to be a better human beeing – more than I believed was ever possible for me, given all of my own early childhood trauma.

Emotional Fitness is Burt’s legacy.

He was especially passionate about other Men working on their emotional wellbeing – and believed they should do it as much as they work out at a gym – so that we could have more Love on planet Earth.

In March 2020, my young son and I returned to the USA in order to commemorate the life of our amazing man. After a full weekend of unforgettable, in-person events, California mandated shelter in place orders. Luckily, we had dear friends to stay with for the following two and a half months of quarantine as we had no home or car to call our own.

Eventually, however – and for the sake of my mental health – I chose to buy a van and to begin the roadschool journey that my partner and I fantasized about taking. Over six months, 13,000 miles and 17 states later, our Mama Caravan carried us through what continues to be a global pandemic and a period of great transformation, chaos and calamity. We have spent most of our isolation camping and being in nature. It is where and how I have been working to heal our hearts from this greatest loss of our lives. This blog details some of that experience, as well as expounds more upon some of my hard earned wisdom about: ~~Parenting in the 21st century; ~~Sex and Intimacy in the era of “swiping left” (or, more likely, right); ~~Unschooling and un-educating our youth; ~~Conscious death and dying; ~~And so much more. As a lone Mother now, I invite your further support on my journey. For just a $5- per month membership, you gain access to all of my blog posts, plus you are invited to join me in a monthly, online and ecstatic dance session. I will even send you The Mama Caravan playlist when you become a member! Click here to enroll.

Even in the face of all of my loss, I acknowledge that I am extremely privileged to lead the life I lead. My intention is, and always has been, to bee of service. In order to do this though, I have had to become crystal clear about a few things. The first is that, although I appear to be a human beeing, woman, daughter, sister, mother, friend and lover in this lifetime, I am (like you are) so much more than what can be defined by words or, even, seen by the naked eye. I am a shimmering Soul dancing across the sands of time.

I have been here many times before, and I will continue to dance long after my mortal flesh has fallen away and my soul has once again left my body. (If you think that this is your first rodeo in a body on planet Earth then I am definitely not a person for you.) I crave to surround myself with others who feel connected to their past lives and have a sense of purpose in why they incarnated in this lifetime. Perhaps, you desire to know these things for yourself. I can support you in uncovering more about who you are and why you are here. Personally, I think this is what matters most. Let’s do it!